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In 1936, Doroteo Fermin Delgado initiated a partnership with an industry cornerstone, La Aurora. 86 years later, the legacy is stronger than ever, with the same devotion for our land, the people that make it possible and the quality cigars derived from our rich soil.

Born Out of
Passion & Legacy.

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Don Doroteo’s Farm
-Republica Dominicana ‘22

Born Out of Passion and Legacy – Don Doroteo is in the business of creating meaningful and memorable experiences, that carry the true essence of the family heritage, in every cigar.

At Don Doroteo, legacy is much more than what is passed along to the founders descendants, it’s about creating a path for the local community and countrymen in the Dominican Republic, that enable this brand to flourish. Few cigars possess the richness and abundance present in our cigars. And in the same vein, even fewer cigar companies pass along a fair distribution of the proceeds generated. We aim to bring an end to this practice.

Our mission

What makes us different

The Don Doroteo workforce is essentially the lifeblood of the enterprise and that is exactly how the founders treat each and every single team member. The enterprise will continue to grow as the founders nourish the community that has welcomed them into their lives and entrusted them to provide for their families. 

Our worforce

What makes us different

Don Doroteo is a brand with both purpose and passion; its deep seeded heritage holds enough weight to sell aficionados beautifully pre rolled cigars, but it would feel inauthentic to do so. Therefore, it’s imperative for us to stay true to Doroteo’s essence by cultivating and growing on our own land, in the Dominican Republic. This is much bigger than simply mass producing cigars, we aim to create change from within. By developing our own land, we are able to own the entire process throughout our plant’s life cycle. We methodically carry out each step, ensuring that the final product is of the finest quality. Consequently, Don Doroteo will only release a limited quantity each season to preserve its exquisite quality.

Our philosophy

What makes us different

When Doroteo passed away in 2011, the business essentially died with him. No descendants had any interest in getting into the farming business, as most had moved on and established lives elsewhere. This is where Juan differed, he had been working in the tech sector for some time and was yearning to get back to his roots. During a trip to the Caribbean he met with a few friends, one of which was Brandon. He learned that Brandon had a deep desire to grow tobacco and own his very own cigar — this was all Juan needed to hear. Brandon had been searching for the right partner for a long time, so when Juan explained his deep roots in the industry and his grandfather’s story, they immediately knew they were onto something special. 

Our founders

What makes us different

our legacy

Doroteo Fermin Delgado and his father, Marcos, worked for a small tobacco farm in a town called El Caimito, where he would learn all the intricacies of growing tobacco. His father tragically passed away in 1936 – leaving Doroteo with no other option but to take on his late fathers role as the head of his household. Doroteo decided to follow in his footsteps by growing tobacco in

 the heart of Santiago, Dominican Republic

– without knowing the impact he would have on this land and the cigar industry, for years to come. 

Learn more about how his legacy has transcended over generations



Doroteo Fermin Delgado was born on February 6th, 1920. He was the first born of 6 siblings. Naturally, he took on his fathers trade, growing and processing tobacco, which he learned from a young age. 


At the age of 16 years old, his father died and he instantly became the man of the house. Essentially, this is when he took on his father’s role of provider, which he did by growing, harvesting, processing, and selling tobacco. He began selling to La Aurora in 1936 and would continue to do so for the rest of his life.  

el legado


In 1940, Doroteo met his future wife, Maria “Chepa” Josefa, while he was working on a tobacco field owned by her father. He basically fell in love with his Patron’s daughter. In doing so he lost his job but it did not deter him pursuing a relationship with Chepa. They ran away together, got married and started a life together.

La Fruta Prohibida


In 1942, with obstacles stacked against him, Doroteo began acquiring land throughout the Yaque Valley. At the young age of 22, he decided that he would overcome these hurdles and ultimately become the victor. What was important to him was a better future for his family and future descendants. They would go on to have 11 children, many of which worked with Doroteo in the farm, growing and harvesting tobacco.

el vencedor


In 1965, Doroteo fulfilled one of his dreams, a farmers market, in which he would sell his own produce, dairy products, meats and this is where he introduced his very own andullo tobacco.

1969 - ‘71

In 1968, during a town meeting, which Doroteo co-led, he was nominated to be mayor of the town. He reluctantly accepted the nomination as his intentions were simply to ensure all the community members could discuss relevant and important issues of the time. He ultimately went on to serve a three year term between 1969 - 1971

el alcalde


In 1983, Doroteo was at a crossroads, as many of his descendants had moved on to start new lives in the United States. This is when he made the decision to hang up his hat and stopped producing tobacco for the industry giant. Instead he focused on his own andullo tobacco, his farmers market, and frequently traveling to visit his family.

el ultimo baile

August 15th, 2011

On August 15th of 2011, Doroteo passed away surrounded by his descendants, his grandchildren, and his beloved community. His legacy and his name, however, live on.

La Reserva Familiar

May 2021

In May of 2021, one of Doroteo’s daughters, Maria Casilda, was walking alongside the property she inherited from her father. She was stunned to find that tobacco was growing wild on the land. She then had the intuition to transplant one of the plants on the property that would later become the Don Doroteo farm. 

August 2021

In August of 2021, Doroteo’s grandson, Juan Lugo, alongside cigar aficionado, Brandon Dallmann, launched Don Doroteo Cigars. A dream, years in the making. 

el legado


Elegance & Devotion

When it comes to legacy, few cigars possess the richness and abundance present in the Don Doroteo, El Legado, blended by Manuel Inoa – La Aurora’s very own Master Blender. Exceptional craftsmanship is supported by a rich legacy, all in the pursuit of creating unforgettable moments of pleasure.

All of our cigars are handcrafted and aged to perfection, by experts with a deep passion for our roots.

See what makes our El Legado cigar so special

Exclusive Legacy Blends

el alcalde

1969 - ‘71

Being mayor is about offering a vision for the city, putting the right people in the right place, and executing that vision. This is the role bestowed on Doroteo Fermin Delgado in 1969 and in commemoration to that honor, we pay homage with this masterful blend.

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Exclusive Legacy Blends

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