El alcalde

Elegance & Devotion

In 1969, Doroteo Fermin Delgado assumed the distinguished mantle of Mayor, engraving his name into Dominican history. To honor the essence of that momentous duty, we celebrate with a creation of unparalleled mastery - a 15-year-old blend, a tribute to a visionary leader whose legacy still resonates in the heartbeat of our city.
Stepping into the shoes of a mayor is more than just a title; it's an art of crafting a city's destiny, a symphony of vision, placement, and execution.


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Sumatra seed grown in Ecuador

Sumatra seed grown in Ecuador

Brazil, Dominican Republic (Cibao Valley)

El Alcalde 1969 - ‘71


El alcalde

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The cigar offers a complex experience with contrasting notes. The wrapper exudes earthy tones, barnyard elements, and a hint of acidity, while the foot presents a sweet combination of lavender, florals, and coffee. The cold draw reveals walnut and creaminess. Throughout, nutty flavors intermingle with sweet berries, spices, and a touch of melon. Earthiness, creaminess, and redwood hints persist in the initial third along with retro-nasal notes of orange, lemon, and black pepper. The finish is woody with nutty and citrus undertones, requiring occasional touch-ups. Overall, a full-flavored cigar with medium-full body and medium-plus strength, offering a satisfying smoking experience.

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E. Leon Jimenes 110 Anniversary Rum

To balance the intricate tasting notes of this 15-year-old blend, we recommend pairing it with a fine aged rum or a glass of rich, full-bodied port wine. The earthy and nutty qualities of ‘El Alcalde’ complement the complex flavors of the rum or port, while the sweetness in the aroma and taste of the cigar would harmonize with the caramel or fruity notes in the spirits, providing a well-balanced and luxurious experience for the palate.

All components have been aged for 14 years (from seed to cigar)

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